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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Paint n Sip

Put  simply,  these  are  events  where  everyone  paints  the  same  image in  about  two  and  a  half  hours   and  can  enjoy  a  beverage of  choice.  They  are  art  classes  with  an  emphasis  on  fun.

Do I have to have any experience?

Absolurely  not!  While  experienced  painters  can  enjoy  these  events  as  a  fun  occasion,  they  are  specifically  designed  so  that  even  those  with  no  painting  or  drawing  experience  can  get  a  good  result.

Do you draw the image out for me?

No.  Similar  events  will  get  you started  by  drawing  out  an  Image  for  you,  but  our  simple  teaching  techniques  and  supported  environment  ensure  that  you  get  a  great  result  and  your  canvas  is  all  your  own  work.  

What if I get stuck?

Your  tutor  is  there  to  assist  you,  if  you  are  at  all  unsure,  just  ask  for  help.  

Do I have to attend with a friend?

No,  absolutely  not.  While  many  people  do  choose  to  attend  with  friends,  it  is  by  no  means  necessary  as  the  groups  are  always  fun  and  friendly.  Feel  free  to  come  alone .

Is the event BYOB?

This  depends  on  the  venue.  BYOB  events  are  held  at  Made  in  Stirling  and  The  Dunblane  Centre  or  at  a  venue  of  your  choice.  Licensed  premises  such  as  the  Riverside,  Dunblane  or  Kilted  Kangaroo  will  obviously  offer  you  refreshment  from  their  bars.  Some  of  our  partners  offer  special  rates  for  attendees,  eg  Kilted  Kangaroo  offers  10%  off  food  and  drinks  on  the  day  of  the  event.

Barra Boat

Do I need to bring art materials?

No,  all  art  materials  and  instructions  are  provided.  

What if I have a large group?

You  can  contact  us  directly  on if  you ‘d  like  to  check  availability  for  a  large  group,  or  if  there  are  more  than  ten  of  you,  why  not  consider  a  Private  Event?

I’d like to hold a private event, what do I do?

We  can  offer  private  events  for  parties  of  between  10  and  30.  These  are  suitable  for  a  range  of  occasions  including  birthdays,  hen  dos,  retirement,  teambuilding,  and  even  fundraising.  Choose  your  own  image,  prices   normally  £20/  head  excluding  venue  and  refreshment  costs,    but  we  are  flexible  on  content  and  delivery,  get  in  touch  to  discuss  your  needs.

What are the benefits of attending?

Being  creative  and  social  has  been  proven  to  have  excellent  mental  health  benefits  including  guarding  against  dementia  and  depression.  Described  as  “the  perfect  mindfulness  activity”,  it  also allows  you to  unwind  and  escape  from  the  everyday..

What do I do to book?

Head  to  the  home  page  to  see  latest  scheduled  events  and  get  booking  but  if  you  have  any  issues,  or  questions,  Get  in  Touch!  We  are  commited  to  being  friendly  and  prompt  in  our  service.